Monday, June 01, 2009

The Start of Hurricane Season 2009

Today is the first day of hurricane season 2009. Good Morning America broadcast from Galveston today so I thought I would put of a slide show of the island post-Ike. I promised mom I would put this up a long time ago and I thought this was timely. Here is a run down of what I know:
-UTMB was approved for the money from the state legislature they need to rebuild the hospitals. However, as you will see in the pictures, there is alot of steps to have happen before the conditions of the school are changed.
-Most recently I heard that 60% of Galveston businesses are open.
-There is a long ways to go, but we have come a long ways too. All in all, it seems that the city has done well with the rebuilding process and we are starting to see changes.
-It is still difficult to get contractor and homes redone. John's boss just moved back into his loft last week. We have other friends who are still living in 1 or 2 rooms of the upstairs of their house until they are fully functional again. We have still other friends who have not moved back to their houses at all. It will still be a while until life is "normal" for many of these people.
The following pictures were taken within the last month or two in Galveston. Although some of these pictures are outdated, most of them are the same today.


the fredin's said...

Wow! I can't believe it is the start of hurricane season again. Seems like not that long ago...glad you put up the pictures! We don't realize how many things are not back to "normal" yet..even almost a year later.

aunteem said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. Are you classes all still at UTMB for right now? Is unimaginable how much water that was...esp when you see the water level pictures on the strand!
Love you

grandmabutch said...

Brings back memories when we visited you. You did a great job on the slide show. I'm glad you are a little farther from that area.
Grandma Butch