Friday, June 12, 2009

PA Send Off Dinner

The UTMB PA program gave the 1st year students a clinical sending off dinner on Wednesday. It was a time of fine dining (just kidding), presents (again just kidding), and advice for the upcoming most difficult year of my life. Because the department was too cheap to allow us to bring guests, Janna was my date. Here are a couple pictures:
Me and my date

Some of my classmates with a professor, Dr. Salah Ayachi

Fun times! My first rotation is a surgical elective in Urology at Baylor in the Medical Center. It should be interesting putting this country girl in the urban jungle. I will be riding the metro to work each day and navigating miles of hospital and research buildings. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

You are about to learn more than you can imagine and you will be great at it! I am proud of you.

the fredin's said...

Wow!! That sounds so awesome Erika!! I can't wait to hear about it all!

grandmabutch said...

I am so interested in hearing how all this goes. I had the unfortuate experience of the washing machine lid slaming down on my arm. Burgered it up pretty good. A fine PA fixed me up. They glued me back together! We went to the Acess Clinic and Emily Harder was the receptionist!! I got a tetanus shot. I told them, with pride, my granddaughter was studying to be a PA. Also mentioned my grandson was working on medical doctor degree. Sorry this got too long.

Dathan and Elizabeth said...

You got a much prettier date for this event than any other that you've went to with John! :)
just kidding