Monday, August 24, 2009

Our lives

A quick update on our lives. We have both been busy lately working alot of 12 hour days, but such is our life right now. (Oh yeah, and I guess it will be like that for the next 9 years until John finishes residency.) If you ever wonder what we are doing, it is some variation of the following.

John is working hard to get a paper send in for review in the next couple of weeks on his protein and some of its behavior. He had some promising progress toward getting the protein into a usable form last week. He is hoping that these preliminary result pans out because it has been nearly a year of the same things over and over with different conditions. On the positive side, he has been having alot of fun with some new equipment especially the fermenter. It is some sort of souped up bacteria maker. See below

I just finished my second rotation at Texas Surgical Associates in Houston. I was with one of the best surgeons in Houston so I saw alot of cool surgeries. I saw leg amputations, lots of blood vessel repairs, heart valve replacements, mastectomies, colon removals, pancreas removals, and more. It was a stressful and time consuming rotation, but I did see alot of surgeries. My next rotation start Monday at the UTMB ER which just opened up on August 1. I am really excited about it, but anxious to see what it holds. After this rotation, I am done with my first block. Yippee!


Marcia said...

Keep at it! We are proud of you two and love you
Dad and Mom Ensz

Kevin said...

Such a busy life!! We probably talk to y'all more now than we would if we were actually there...

Can't wait to see y'all in Dec.

grandmabutch said...

So good to talk to you and see your faces on the computer this weekend! Those new computers are great. Your Mom had fun with hers. Cookbook ready to be sent in ..............Yea!!!!

Hope to see you at Thanksgiving
Love you both.