Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bowling Night

Our group church small group had a bowling night a while back. It was the classic girls vs guys competition which did not end well for the girls
Girls Team

Guys team

John and me

Look at that stance

You will notice our group has changed alot in the last few months. There are several new faces in these pictures and we added 5 new people at the GroupLink this past weekend. We are now sitting at 15 members, but there were about 15 people that we had to turn down. The church has done a great job of recruiting members for groups, but there are just not enough Navigators (group leaders). It was difficult to see people turned away, but I suppose it is a good problem for a church to have. They are definitely bringing lots of new people into the church. We can only pray these people will not give up on the church.


Anonymous said...

Great girls picture!

the fredin's said...

oh man looks like fun! we miss you guys!